Useful css table selectors

Here are some css selectors you can use to make your own wonderful html tables.

.table-1 th{}
.table-1 td{}
.table-1 tr:first-child{}
.table-1 tr:last-child{}
.table-1 tr td:first-child{}
.table-1 tr td:last-child{}
.table-1 tr:nth-child(odd){}
.table-1 tr:nth-child(even){}

CSS rules for responsive design

Twitter Bootstrap logo

I read bootstrap’s 3 code and here I will factor out some of the main concepts that I have found at their stylesheet(css).

I read their stylesheet for educational purposes, and because after all I don’t like overriding their sheet, or have 200 classes that I will never use for my projects. I also don’t like including their js files, and it seems that many css classes have connections with the js code.

By reading bootstrap’s code for the first time I narrowed down the code from 6 thousand lines to 1.5 thousand. And here’s the most interesting teqniques they use:

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