Internet tricks

Internet is fun, but also a powerful tool to get instant information. Here I oppose some funny stuff I’ve found out there and also some tricks that might make your browsing easier and quicker.

Google browser

Some of these tricks won’t work if you haven’t got a google account

google “zerg rush”
google “do a barrel roll”
google “Atari Breakout” on google images
google “google in 1998”
google “google gravity” and press the first result
google “find chuck norris” !
google “askew”
google “google sphere” and press I’m feeling lucky
go to
google “etymology:” + “word” (no space-between) to get the etymology for the word you’re looking for
google “DEFINE:” + “word” to get definition of the word you’re looking for
google “temperature” for a quick local look
Use double quotes to search for an exact phrase “exact match”
Use the minus sign to eliminate results containing certain words.Ex. “salad recipe -tomatoes”
google “earthquake” for local earthquakes
The “I’m Feeling Lucky” button takes you instantly to the first search result returned for any query
google “related:” + the site domain for content related sites without a space. Ex. “related:youtube”
google “calculator” for quick access to the tool
google “tip calculator” if you are a waiter for customer analysis in more depth
google “time” + “country, city..” to get a look at the places’ local time
google “directions” + “from” + ” to ” + “to” to get root directions. Ex. “directions Athens to thessaloniki”
google “ip address” and scroll down a little to see your ip
google “attractions” + city or country to get a list of touristic attractions
google “google trends” and click the first result to find out recent search trends
google “movies” + “city name” to look up for film showings
to get instant mathematical results google the operation. Ex “190*7”
press ctrl+H to instant open the browsers history window
press ctrl+shift+n to open new incognito


press a video to watch. The url will be something like prepend gif to youtube in the url( and press enter.
search for “doge meme”
go to to use the online editor for your videos
search for “use the force luke”
serch for “do the Harlem Shake”
hold down the space bar as you watch a video for slow motion
go to to choose the ads you see
go to to mush up you tube videos
go to[VideoID]/maxresdefault.jpg and change VideoID with the parameter /watch?v=parameter to grab the videos thumbnail.

Mind blowing

go to “” and then press please to transfer to another unefull website.