Articles published at August 2017.

Node.js Notes


Here I oppose three different ways to export modules on node.js

Lets say we want to export three functions from a file called count.js

var counter = function(arr){
	return 'There are '+ arr.length + ' elements';

//This can be done by using backticks

var adder = function(a,b){
	return `The sum of two numbers is ${a+b}`;	

var pi = 3.142;

First way


module.exports.counter = counter;
module.exports.adder = adder;
module.exports.pi = pi;

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Useful css table selectors

Here are some css selectors you can use to make your own wonderful html tables.

.table-1 th{}
.table-1 td{}
.table-1 tr:first-child{}
.table-1 tr:last-child{}
.table-1 tr td:first-child{}
.table-1 tr td:last-child{}
.table-1 tr:nth-child(odd){}
.table-1 tr:nth-child(even){}

Usefull functions to get started with WordPress

WordPress, provides us with many usefull functions, that make our lives easier, and by which, we can customize or create new themes rapidly.

If you haven’t visited the official WordPress functions referance page, then do it and don’t get overwhelmed. After reading it more closely, you will find out that this is a very usefull recource for you to learn in depth WordPress.

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