Articles published at May 2017.

Image manipulation

When I was younger, I considered myself as an animal friendly person. At some point, I realized that all the bacon and the chicken I was consuming used to be living creatures and that the money spent on their purchase was just sponsoring their death camps, similar to the Nazi ones.

Dedicated to all animals

Below, you can see a more advanced example of image manipulation than in the previous post.

When I manage my time, I will apply further math and physics to this project, in order to lighten it up and enrich it with lots of different effects.

At the moment, the program is likely to challenge your device, especially if it’s a mobile.

Manipulation Panel
Speed (max 300)


Canvas negatives

Below I created a basic canvas function which transforms an image into its negative form, in various ways and styles. Some of the parameters that I use are there just for fun, and because I enjoy playing with colors and images. I wonder what Leonardo would do if he had access to this kind of technologies. I expect this not to work at some mobile devices. Tell me if you like it or if you have any additional ideas.

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Search for games

Games will be in our lives forever and we’re gonna be interested in playing them at all ages. Everyone has at least one favorite game. Sports are popular all over the world, people play games at the beach, in fields, in the street, in their homes, casinos, with computers, mobiles, in the train, at their work(shhh), even in the bathroom. So why do we search less for the term ‘games’ on the internet?

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Useful Javascript Helpers

After writing tones of code you’ll get bored to write the same (helper)functions over and over again for each new project. Functions to short tables, scroll to top, detect mouse position, show pop-up boxes and more are very useful on each public project. I’m not giving you optimized code here, instead I’m showing some basic stuff in order to get inspiration! It is better in my opinion not to use jQuery but for the sake of simplicity I’ll use this library here.

At the bottom of this article I referance some great articles with great javascipt helper functions.

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PHP Classes – Oblects notes

Object oriented programming logic is very usefull if you want your code to reach your imagination limits. OOP helps your code to extend easier and at the same time helps your scripts to be cleaner, reusable, and saperated according to the logic you choose. Much stuff here is taken from the official php manual paraphrased and summarized by me in an efford to create a quick guide to PHP classes and objects. Most of the examples are mine and I tried to make them playful and educational.

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